Asp net gridview rowupdating firing twice

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Asp net gridview rowupdating firing twice

Datagrid(1.1) to Grid View(2.0) and using the Row Updating event how to extract the values from the controls. I'm facing some annoying Grid View behavior where it fires the Row Deleting event twice.

Ok This is the settings: I use a Viewgrid with only itemtemplate colums for example. I'm doing the very normal (logical) steps for deleting a row from a Grid View.

event is raised when a row's Edit button is clicked, but before the Grid View control enters edit mode.

This enables you to provide an event-handling method that performs a custom routine, such as canceling the edit operation, whenever this event occurs.

Cheers Florence My Blog please have look on following link Nested Grid Yes i have implemented everything .the thing is the rowcreated event of child gridview fired twice...i know why...

Cheers Florence My Blog Hi flohaas, Do you use any Sql D...

everything is fine with the datatable) 2- the Grid View has a Delete Command Field. User Control Event Fires twice Hi, In my application I have a common Master Search User Control which contains a Grid View control displaying various records as per requirement. No events firing from Template Field in Grid View control Hi all, I'm currently having issues with events firing from within a template field of a bound gridview control.

I have placed an Image Button in each of the gridview rows. I've tried Image Button (which has known issues), Link Button, and just plain old vanilla Button.

// Also the Data Table has more than 1 row // (i.e.I know that it has to do something with calling Data Bind(), and using dynamic datasource approach. Grid View Row Deleting event fires twice hello, nice of you to review this post ;-) notice this piece of aspx source code: it does not contain any eventhandlers at all now notice this piece of c# code (from the behind the above example) protected void Page_Load(object sender, Event Args e) { Grid View Units Of Work.Because when i populate gridview using sqldatasource object it fires events normally. Row Editing = new Grid View Edit Event Handler(Grid View_Row Editing); Grid View Units Of Work. After a day is selected we want to display some day specific information on the same page.But when I change the value in it and click on the treeview on the left then Text Changed is actually fired TWICE. Add("onclick", "if (confirm(' Are you sure you want to delete group member " client Name "? I bind the data on each postback which I think might be part of the problem. One thing I did notice is that is that when the update button is clicke...I see what's happening but don't understand why it's happening. Grid View Row onclick event fires twice in succession ASP. ')) "); When I click on the gridview row, the dialog bo... Selecting event fires before control event Hi, My problem is as follows. Selected Value; Now the problem is that Selected Value still contains the previous value, i think because the datasource loads it's data before the control is updated.

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All colums of gridview are autogenerated, except of the select column which is command column. Our code outputs any messages that might be needed in the itemchanged event, returns 1, and then so we don't get an extra message from the pfc itemerror code, we also return 1 there.