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Methods for constructing separate sets of such mouthpieces for each kind of brass wind instrument are disclosed.Other embodiments include variations like multi-section components and alternative backbore shapes.1.

Similar enlargements or reductions in size of the narrow region between cups and backbores are also used in some mouthpieces.

Brass-wind mouthpieces were not considered to be interchangeable between brands of similar instruments until design standards of the 20Century gained in popularity.

Lack of interchange-ability had occurred because each manufacturer designed mouthpieces for use with their own instruments, mouthpiece length was considered arbitrary, manufacturers used a variety of end-tapers to connect mouthpieces with their instruments, and manufacturers expected musicians to use mouthpieces that were supplied with each instrument.

Since the early 20Century, interchangeability of brass-wind mouthpieces has been greatly facilitated by two design practices.

Manufacturers started to use (1) generally accepted standards for overall length and external end-taper, in conjunction with (2) a common principle for “balancing” acoustical characteristics of a cup-chamber with a backbore-chamber within each mouthpiece body.

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A further object is to describe how alternative methods create similar sets of inversely-proportioned mouthpieces.

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