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If any of those exclamations sound familiar, this quick guide is for you and your friends.

Unfortunately, the algorithm is having a harder time figuring out what users think is good content.

That doesn’t mean they have to clutter up your News Feed though!

Go to your friend’s profile and click the “Following” button so that it says “Follow.” Your friend will not get a notification, so don’t worry about them finding out.

You do not have to use the e-mail you signed up for Facebook to take advantage of this feature.

E-mailing status updates, photos and videos can be easy to do and can be a workaround for you do not have traditional Internet access.

It has just a few steps and as far as we can tell, it can only be accessed directly from facebook.com/friends/organize.

It essentially detects friends with whom you interact little on the social network and asks if you want to move them into the Acquaintances group, which the News Feed highlights less.

The next trick consists of using a hidden Facebook tool.

However, updating your Facebook status via e-mail is the easiest and most reliable way to do it when the social network is blocked, you are using a slow mobile phone connection or just do not have access to a text messaging plan, updating your status through e-mail can get the job done.

The first step to getting started with updating your Facebook status via e-mail is to login to your account on a computer. The xxx will refer to your specific Facebook account. You will use this every time you want to update your status, upload a photo or video through e-mail.

In my case, the tool found seven people with whom I worked at Black Berry when it was still called Research In Motion: You can choose to uncheck some or all of the recommendations.

Regardless of whether you choose “No Thanks” or “Add To Acquaintances” you will be shown the next group of people, in my case 35 who live in the same city as me: At the end, you’ll be shown friends not in any of Facebook’s automatically-generated lists: After you’re done (you may have fewer or more than three steps in total), you’ll be encouraged to share Facebook’s organize tool with your friends: In this last case, we recommend choosing “No Thanks.” You can of course link them to the tool manually, without Facebook’s marketing rhetoric attached. The tips below are meant to be done on an ongoing basis.

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Unlike Twitter, which shows you every single tweet from people you follow (and from some you don’t), Facebook uses an algorithm to determine what to show you.