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I actually don’t know who most of these guys are, but oddly I know who the guy in the center of the second row with the white shirt on is.

That’s Todd in the Shadows without his face covered (I recognize the picture from a Google search I did months ago).

In addition, he occasionally reviews music-related movies.

In his videos, he plays the piano (having spent eleven years playing piano) and he wears a gray hoodie in order to keep his true identity secret.

He found the site through 5 Second Movies before the site went live in April of 2008.

At other times, he has said that he doesn't want his face attached to the "hamburger incident." His image-consciousness led him to do his reviews in profile silhouette, which adds to his mysteriousness.The fact that so readily move onto things that weren’t “girly” has always been a point of contention, as I was never quite comfortable looking in hindsight at things I wasn’t familiar with.I didn’t grow up with “Rainbow Bright” guys, I don’t get it, and I never felt like I should just because you think I should only review “girl things.” To answer the inevitable “why”, though, is simply that it’s time to move on.When not 'in the shadows' such as during crossover videos and during the events of Suburban Knights, Todd wears a Zorro-esque bandana that covers everything above his mouth (though it is revealed in Surburban Knights that he can't even see out of his mask, to the point of mistaking a pole for one of the villians).Todd claims that he didn't get into pop music until an incident in 2007 when the antenna came off of his car.

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I’d been planning for a long, long time to launch new shows (like BYOA) that were more in line with what I always wanted to do with film theory and pop culture discussions. But either way, I thank you for sticking with me this long.

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